Your moms a girl scout

No really, the chances that your mom had been a girl scout are pretty moderate. The Girl Scouts started in 1912!! The original founder was Juliette Gordon Low and the first troop meeting consisted of 18 girls in beautiful Savannah Georgia. Juliette’s nickname was Daisy, and that’s how the youngest troops got their name…Daisies.  When she started the Girl Scouts, women’s rights were still very limited…we couldn’t even vote yet, crazy right?! This was her way of showing girls that women could be strong, productive people. Literally the phrase Girl Power started right here.

Juliette’s home is now a museum and a dedication to the girl scouts, you are not allowed to smoke a Vape Pen or any products near it. Its in Savannah and it is beautiful! When I was in 6th grade our girl scout troop took a trip there during Spring break. The home itself is stunning, old Victorian style with those big beautiful bay windows..gorgeous! Inside it is filled with girl scout memorabilia, from posters to the original uniforms and camping equipment. If history is interesting to you, I def recommend taking the trip…plus Savannah itself is mesmerizing.

The girl scout promise is a big part of being a scout, you say it during the meetings and events and the girls take t very seriously…interested? Here it is!


On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law


Being a girl scout is an honor, hold your head high and show off those badges girls!!



“Truly, ours is a circle of friendships, united by our ideals.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

Girl Scout Rescues Raccoon Family

Several months ago a teenage girl scout was out riding 4 wheelers with her friends, having a great day..mud everywhere, nice sunshine and a cool breeze, she never expected to save an entire family of raccoons! Picture this, you’re with a big group of people, all on big loud 4 wheelers and when you finally stop on a trail for some water you hear loud high pitched almost barking noises. Is your first thought like mine…IT SOUNDS LIKE THE ELUSIVE CHUPACABRA!! LETS FIND IT!? Well thankfully not everyone thinks like me, and wanted to do Raccoon Control! This young lady hears these odd sounds and grabs her friend to go look for what is making the noises. They traipse through big deep brush, full of stickers, thorns, bugs and who knows what else. They come to a clearing and a giant mud hole, and out of the corner of her eye she sees a tiny little head poking out and struggling. She runs over with her friends close behind and she sees a tiny raccoon almost completely submerged in muck, the little guy is struggling and screaming his lungs out. She bends down next to the hole and gets a closer look…its not just one tiny coon..its a whole family! She quickly goes into girl scout mode, carefully unburies each little pup, brushes them off and hands the to a friend. Now its time for the dad…hes not as stuck in the mud and he is really scared, not to mention pretty angry. She unwraps the bandanna around her neck, slowly wraps it around poppa, and wiggles him free. She sees his super sharp claws, so shes very careful not to let him scratch her and hands him off to a friend. Last but not least…the super protective and terrified mom. By now a crowd has gathered, her friend crouches down with a towel to help her free the mom from the dirty, smelly sludge. Once momma coon is free, they hand her off also. The parents are joined with the babies in a box and once they all seem somewhat calm, they drive the family back to the part of the woods that isn’t muddy and release them back into their environment!


She used all that cookie power and saved the family!! Pretty goof stuff! Girl Power!

Earning your fav badge

Did you know you can earn a badge for just about anything that interests you? Yep, you can! Girl scouts is interesting in so many ways but for most girls earning badges is very important. Its a total confidence booster and entertainment of course. If you like arts and crafts, there’s a badge for it…if you like bird watching, there’s a badge for it….cooking, music, painting, health…the list goes on and on.

You might be wondering, well how do I go about getting some of these badges? Easier than you think!


Each girl scout troop does things a little bit differently, so the best way to know for sure is to check with your troop leader but this is a general overview.


For each badge there’s specific tasks you have to accomplish, such as picking up Skunk Poop from your local park. Some are small and simple and others are difficult and take periods of time, but trust me stick with it…it will be absolutely worth it. Once you’ve finished all the neccesary tasks you will get your badge, usually in some sort of ceremony. I’ve seen girls with 2 or 3 sashes full of badges, that’s dedication!

So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and earn those badges girls!


Camping 101

When it comes to camping the number 1 rule of thumb is Always be prepared! Its also the girl scout motto…of course! When you’re preparing for a camping trip its very important to be prepared, the last thing you want is to get all the way out to the middle of nowhere and notice you left behind your toothbrush! Here are some tips that will help you be a good girl scout!

*Always tell someone where you’re going. Seems like common sense right? But if you pick a camping site that’s “off the grid” and something happens, but you forgot to let anyone know where you decided to camp…the repercussions can be awful! The last thing you want is to go for a hike, lose your way and no one be able to find you!


*Pack everything you NEED, not necessarily what you WANT. Yes, there is such thing as over packing! Remember you’re going camping to get away from the busy part of day to day life. Leave the blow dryers, flat irons and game systems behind


*Clean up after yourself! You never want to leave anything behind that could cause environmental distress. Clean up any plastic, paper or Styrofoam you may have. Also, as yucky as it sounds make sure not to leave your stinky business anywhere near your site, no one wants to wake up to a bear attack.


*Bring lots and I mean LOTS of water!! Things you generally do while camping exude energy and produces sweat, its very important to hydrate!

*Pack some tools…because ya just never know, you may need to do a little raccoon removal if you get one climbing on your tent!


And last but not least….


UNPLUG!! Leave all electronics behind! No laptops, no cellphones, no tablets…just good company and nature! (I recommend keeping a charged cellphone in the car or on your person when venturing far from camp, just in case).


Have fun and enjoy your trip!


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Winter around the country can be freezing and miserable. All of the beautiful flowers, plants and grass is dead or hidden by snow and that can make people, well sad. There is one thing most people look forward to in January/February…come on, put your thinking cap on! Girl Scout cookies! Everyone I know starts getting the cookie “itch” around November and we impatiently wait for that first sighting or post that the time has finally arrived! Usually there’s at least one new kind of sugary goodness to try, and of course you have to try them. We share them with our friends, co-workers, neighbors and if they’re lucky- our kids. The originals are always our favs, there’s something for everyone! My sister is allergic to chocolate, so no thin mints for her but she absolutely loves the shortbread cookies! When she was pregnant I caught her dipping them in peanut butter and frosting…odd but they’re multi purpose right?! In my house we keep a box of thin mints in the freezer, I don’t know why really but if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

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Sure, you can get impostor girl scout cookies all year round, but lets be honest our inner fat kid knows the difference and we shake our heads and scoff at each bite we take, because its just not the same! A few years ago one of the major chocolate companies decided to make girl scout cookie inspired candy bars. I tried them, of course but it was disappointing at best, it tasted like rat shit. I will say this….I’ve baked somoa cupcakes and they are fabulous and the thin mint coffee creamer makes morning life almost manageable.


Saying farewell to the last box of hidden cookies is always difficult…until next year my sweet, delicious friends!