Camping 101

When it comes to camping the number 1 rule of thumb is Always be prepared! Its also the girl scout motto…of course! When you’re preparing for a camping trip its very important to be prepared, the last thing you want is to get all the way out to the middle of nowhere and notice you left behind your toothbrush! Here are some tips that will help you be a good girl scout!

*Always tell someone where you’re going. Seems like common sense right? But if you pick a camping site that’s “off the grid” and something happens, but you forgot to let anyone know where you decided to camp…the repercussions can be awful! The last thing you want is to go for a hike, lose your way and no one be able to find you!


*Pack everything you NEED, not necessarily what you WANT. Yes, there is such thing as over packing! Remember you’re going camping to get away from the busy part of day to day life. Leave the blow dryers, flat irons and game systems behind


*Clean up after yourself! You never want to leave anything behind that could cause environmental distress. Clean up any plastic, paper or Styrofoam you may have. Also, as yucky as it sounds make sure not to leave your stinky business anywhere near your site, no one wants to wake up to a bear attack.


*Bring lots and I mean LOTS of water!! Things you generally do while camping exude energy and produces sweat, its very important to hydrate!

*Pack some tools…because ya just never know, you may need to do a little raccoon removal if you get one climbing on your tent!


And last but not least….


UNPLUG!! Leave all electronics behind! No laptops, no cellphones, no tablets…just good company and nature! (I recommend keeping a charged cellphone in the car or on your person when venturing far from camp, just in case).


Have fun and enjoy your trip!


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