Winter around the country can be freezing and miserable. All of the beautiful flowers, plants and grass is dead or hidden by snow and that can make people, well sad. There is one thing most people look forward to in January/February…come on, put your thinking cap on! Girl Scout cookies! Everyone I know starts getting the cookie “itch” around November and we impatiently wait for that first sighting or post that the time has finally arrived! Usually there’s at least one new kind of sugary goodness to try, and of course you have to try them. We share them with our friends, co-workers, neighbors and if they’re lucky- our kids. The originals are always our favs, there’s something for everyone! My sister is allergic to chocolate, so no thin mints for her but she absolutely loves the shortbread cookies! When she was pregnant I caught her dipping them in peanut butter and frosting…odd but they’re multi purpose right?! In my house we keep a box of thin mints in the freezer, I don’t know why really but if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

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Sure, you can get impostor girl scout cookies all year round, but lets be honest, Bat Removal Melbourne knows the difference and we shake our heads and scoff at each bite we take, because its just not the same! A few years ago one of the major chocolate companies decided to make girl scout cookie inspired candy bars. I tried them, of course but it was disappointing at best, it tasted like rat shit. I will say this….I’ve baked somoa cupcakes and they are fabulous and the thin mint coffee creamer makes morning life almost manageable.


Saying farewell to the last box of hidden cookies is always difficult…until next year my sweet, delicious friends!

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