Girl Scout Rescues Raccoon Family

Several months ago a teenage girl scout was out riding 4 wheelers with her friends, having a great day..mud everywhere, nice sunshine and a cool breeze, she never expected to save an entire family of raccoons! Picture this, you’re with a big group of people, all on big loud 4 wheelers and when you finally stop on a trail for some water you hear loud high pitched almost barking noises. Is your first thought like mine…IT SOUNDS LIKE THE ELUSIVE CHUPACABRA!! LETS FIND IT!? Well thankfully not everyone thinks like me, and wanted to do Raccoon Control! This young lady hears these odd sounds and grabs her friend to go look for what is making the noises. They traipse through big deep brush, full of stickers, thorns, bugs and who knows what else. They come to a clearing and a giant mud hole, and out of the corner of her eye she sees a tiny little head poking out and struggling. She runs over with her friends close behind and she sees a tiny raccoon almost completely submerged in muck, the little guy is struggling and screaming his lungs out. She bends down next to the hole and gets a closer look…its not just one tiny coon..its a whole family! She quickly goes into girl scout mode, carefully unburies each little pup, brushes them off and hands the to a friend. Now its time for the dad…hes not as stuck in the mud and he is really scared, not to mention pretty angry. She unwraps the bandanna around her neck, slowly wraps it around poppa, and wiggles him free. She sees his super sharp claws, so shes very careful not to let him scratch her and hands him off to a friend. Last but not least…the super protective and terrified mom. By now a crowd has gathered, her friend crouches down with a towel to help her free the mom from the dirty, smelly sludge. Once momma coon is free, they hand her off also. The parents are joined with the babies in a box and once they all seem somewhat calm, they drive the family back to the part of the woods that isn’t muddy and release them back into their environment!


She used all that cookie power and saved the family!! Pretty goof stuff! Girl Power!

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