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We had turkey full of stuffing, a ham, vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato and macaroni salads, the standard cranberry sauce and naturally sweet potatoes. No significant holiday meal was complete without sweet potatoes on the table.

These memories made me consider the differences that exist between the two similar vegetables.There is obviously a little bit of confusion between both of these items and in this brief rant I mean to optimistic dispel the myths surrounding this frozen vegetable. The fact of the matter is the vegetable which you’ve called a yam for several years is really nothing more or less than a sweet potato. A true yam most folks have never seen nor tasted.

That’s right folks; the candy, orange-colored root vegetable that you cherish so dearly is actually a number of sweet potato. All”yams” that you find in a grocery store or create market are actually not yams at all. Nearly all people wrongly feel that those long, red-skinned goods in the shop are yams, but the simple fact remains they are not anything more than one of several varieties of our ordinary sweet potatoes. To answer this question we would first have to discover the principal differences that exist between the two products.

A yam is darker in colored compared to its popular orange-fleshed cousin. A true yam is an edible root that’s very sterile and is usually imported to the USA from the Caribbean. In texture it’s rough and scaly and contains hardly any beta carotene.

Based upon the sweet potatoes variety its flesh can range from a pure white to the popular orange shade or sometimes even a purple color. The orange-fleshed variety came in america multiple decades ago. In a bid to market the imported variety and also to differentiate it from the white selection, manufacturers and importers branded the imports with an African term”nyami” and consequently called them”yams” for short.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion and mystery related to these two fine foods and I wish an excellent eating experience with yams or sweet potatoes. For more information find out here now.

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