Your moms a girl scout

No really, the chances that your mom had been a girl scout are pretty moderate. The Girl Scouts started in 1912!! The original founder was Juliette Gordon Low and the first troop meeting consisted of 18 girls in beautiful Savannah Georgia. Juliette’s nickname was Daisy, and that’s how the youngest troops got their name…Daisies.  When she started the Girl Scouts, women’s rights were still very limited…we couldn’t even vote yet, crazy right?! This was her way of showing girls that women could be strong, productive people. Literally the phrase Girl Power started right here.

Juliette’s home is now a museum and a dedication to the girl scouts, you are not allowed to smoke a Vape Pen or any products near it. Its in Savannah and it is beautiful! When I was in 6th grade our girl scout troop took a trip there during Spring break. The home itself is stunning, old Victorian style with those big beautiful bay windows..gorgeous! Inside it is filled with girl scout memorabilia, from posters to the original uniforms and camping equipment. If history is interesting to you, I def recommend taking the trip…plus Savannah itself is mesmerizing.

The girl scout promise is a big part of being a scout, you say it during the meetings and events and the girls take t very seriously…interested? Here it is!


On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law


Being a girl scout is an honor, hold your head high and show off those badges girls!!



“Truly, ours is a circle of friendships, united by our ideals.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

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